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ON THE FLY FILMMAKING - following the release of West of Her, I looked back on the entire experience with host Marielou Mandl for her indie filmmaking talk show on the Popcorn Talk network.

THE DORKENING - In June 2016, during the West of Her festival run, I appeared on an episode of this movie/TV/tech focused panel show to talk about the experience of making the film in a conversation that ended up taking a number of quite meaningful detours.

PODCAST/RADIO APPEARANCES (click on a title to hear the full episode)

ONE HEAT MINUTE - Blake Howard has devoted his podcast to dissecting Michael Mann’s Heat one minute at a time. I visited in February 2019 to discuss the 121st minute, how Heat functions within traditional story structure conventions, and my belief that Mann and Jon Voight are locked in an escalating series of dares to make Voight look as inhuman as possible.

WE LOVE TO WATCHWe Love to Watch is a podcast celebrating movies in a positive, embarrassingly earnest way. I visited in February 2018 to talk about Bram Stoker's Dracula, and quiz the hosts about the crazy history of Dracula movies. (Be sure to visit the archives to hear my other appearances discussing Home Alone and Night of the Living Dead!)

SOPHOMORE LIT - Hosted by John McCoy, Sophomore Lit is a podcast that revisits books from your 10th grade reading list. I joined him to talk about Anton Chekhov's The Seagull, one of my favorite plays.

THE LOW DAOThe Low Dao is a long-form conversation podcast hosted by Jon Dao. I visited his studio to discuss the experience of making West of Her, as well as my life as an artist.

FOCUS ON FILMFocus on Film is a production of WUTK 90.3 in Knoxville. I called in prior to the premiere of West of Her at the Scruffy City Film & Music Festival to chat about West of Her, particularly the film's music.

JEAN-POD VAN DAMME - Hosted by Van Damme aficionado Marcus Jones, Jean-Pod Van Damme discusses Van Damme's filmography one project at a time. I joined him to discuss Death Warrant, and how it feels to experience a Van Damme film for the very first time.

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LOCAL COLOR XC - in July 2016, I sat down for a freewheeling discussion covering my history as an artist, my work on West of Her, Billy Joel's talents as a voice actor, and so much more.

IN THE LOOP - in March 2018, I chatted with Columbia College Chicago about West of Her and what I learned making a low-budget film.

REVIEW FIX - a July 2016 chat about the staged reading of Why Are You Nowhere?