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The following scripts are complete and ready for production, but currently unproduced unless otherwise noted. If you're interested in reading any of the scripts in full, please contact me at


The Healing in the Air Key Art.jpg


Bridget, a skeptical recent college graduate, travels to the remote Colorado institute of the mysterious scientist Dr. Emilia Oxendine to confront the doctor over unanswered questions in the recent suicide of Bridget’s father. But Bridget is surprised to find herself lured into Oxendine’s inner circle, and over the ensuing decade, she and Oxendine lose themselves in a destructive cycle of emotional and mental gamesmanship, wrestling with the upper hand as Bridget’s sanity frays and Oxendine’s controversial research threatens to destroy her and everything she’s worked for. (Drama; 4 Acts; Cast: 1M, 3F)

The Healing in the Air had a developmental reading in December 2017 in New York City through The Bechdel Group. CLICK HERE to read the opening 10 pages of The Healing in the Air

Morning in America Key Art.jpg


Over the course of nearly a century, one family's obsession with a small corner of the Maine woods comes to encompass America's tangled and violent history and storylines inspired by Shakespearean tragedy. (Drama; 3 Acts; Cast: 7M, 3F)

CLICK HERE to read the opening 10 pages of Morning in America

Come and Take It Key.jpg


New to Hollywood, a naive young actor named Dennis is cast the new James Dean film, and though he's at first unimpressed with his idiosyncratic costar, he's soon seduced by Dean's mysterious talent. Dean agrees to mentor Dennis, but as they co-star in two films across the spring and summer of 1955, both find themselves struggling to understand what it means to be a great actor, and a good man, before they lose their chance to be either. (Drama; 2 Acts; Cast: 5M, 3F)



When an aging movie star brings his younger novelist lover to visit his sister at her lakeside cabin, he inflames the jealousy of his depressive daughter and the passions of their naive aspiring-actor neighbor. As the web of love and hatred grows and fractures over the years, faith is tested and broken, leading to a shattering conclusion in this gender-flipped free adaptation of Anton Chekov's The Seagull. (Drama; 4 Acts; Cast: 4M, 6F)

CLICK HERE to read the opening 5 pages of Come and Take It


Bag of Nails

On the verge of death in the Arizona desert, an escaped convict is picked up by a wandering cowboy who promises exoneration. But as his rescuer’s behavior begins to raise the convict’s suspicions, the balance of power shifts between the men, drawing them towards a brutal confrontation. (Western; Cast: 2M)

Bag of Nails was workshopped in June 2017 at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference, and had a reading at the Shawnee Playhouse in August 2017. CLICK HERE to read the opening 5 pages.

In Gilded Palaces

Returning home from his latest stay on a psych ward, Pete is invited for a visit by the widow of his estranged identical twin, but what starts as a cathartic night takes a turn for the eerie and painful. (Drama; Cast: 3M, 2F)

CLICK HERE to read In Gilded Palaces at the online literary journal The Furious Gazelle.

Late one spring night in 1969, an older-than-his-years teenager brings an intellectual drifter home to sleep on the couch. Over a whiskey-soaked conversation, the boy tries to convince the drifter to bring him on his travels, as the drifter tries to avoid enlisting the boy’s help with a mysterious mission tied to his deteriorating mental health. (Drama; Cast: 2M, 1F)

CLICK HERE to read the opening 5 pages of O Fortuna

O Fortuna, or: Do You Like to Eat Fried Chicken?


Ode on a Donut Shop

A late night encounter with a mysterious stranger changes two friends' lives forever. (Absurdist Comedy; Cast: 4M)

Ode on a Donut Shop was produced in February 2017 at the Stage It! festival at the Center for the Arts in Bonita Springs, FL. CLICK HERE to read the full script. Ode on a Donut Shop can also be purchased in the Stage It! 10 Minute Plays collection. CLICK HERE to order a copy.

Words With the Angel

In the years following the civil war, a young Texan homesteader is surprised by a late-night visit from his presumed-dead confederate brother. But as the stories of their past few years emerge, paranoia and religious extremism flares until it seems one of the brothers may not survive the night. (Drama; Cast: 2M)

CLICK HERE to read the full script.

Resist the Crisp

In a last-ditch attempt to get the job she needs to begin her transition into society, a young woman raised off the grid must convince a mentally unstable man to peacefully leave the fast food restaurant that he believes is persecuting him and ruining his good name. (Comic Drama; Cast: 1M, 2F)

Resist the Crisp was performed in September 2017 at the Northern Arizona Playwriting Showcase in Flagstaff, AZ.

CLICK HERE to read the full script.


A young woman's world is turned upside down when two intruders welcome her home with a plan to help improve her life, whether she likes it or not. (Horror; Cast: 1M, 2F)

Followers was conceived and written for the 24-hr theater presentation at the 7th Annual Hammond Horror Festival in Hammond, LA.

CLICK HERE to read the full script.

A prodigal daughter returns for a family celebration, provoking her straitlaced brother into a series of long-simmering confrontations and revelations. (Drama; Cast: 1M, 1F)

Liberty's Honeymoon was performed in September 2017 at the Northern Arizona Playwriting Showcase in Flagstaff, AZ, and will be performed in December 2017 at the New Year's Eve festival in Rockport, MA.

CLICK HERE to read the full script.

Liberty's Honeymoon


CraftyCola Siegel


A desperate expectant father makes a last-ditch attempt to create better life for his family (One-minute).  CraftyCola Siegel was performed twice in the monologue workshop presentation at the 2017 Last Frontier Theatre Conferece in Valdez, AK. CLICK HERE to watch Taran Haynes' performance, and CLICK HERE to read the monologue.

Who Wants to Colonize Mars?

A frightened young woman makes her pitch to be chosen for a team of ordinary Americans to colonize Mars (One-minute). CLICK HERE to read the monologue.