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West of Her

"Mesmerizingly beautiful" - Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

"Unfolds like a dream." - Dennis Willis, Flick Nation

"Enchanting and full of mystery." - Caine Gardner, The Film Yap


Scruffy City Film & Music Festival | Santa Cruz Film Festival | Intendence Film Festival | Red Rock Film Festival

Alone and adrift in life, Dan (Ryan Caraway) signs on with a mysterious organization, agreeing to roam the country with an enigmatic stranger named Jane (Kelsey Siepser), working by night, laying small linoleum tiles in the streets of towns across America, each bearing the same cryptic message.

Dan feels like a jigsaw piece from the wrong puzzle, that the tiles represent something bigger, and that their mysterious employers know vital secrets, while Jane sees their task as a whimsical lark. Though Dan is an open book, Jane refuses to reveal anything about her life, or what she might know of their employers, who communicate only with her.

As they travel, growing closer even as they butt heads, Dan’s sincerity softens Jane’s cynical exterior. Their contentious relationship grows and deepens, changing both of their beliefs about what they're doing, until they're forced to choose between their work and the possibility of a future together.

Filmed across ten states in iconic American locations from the sweeping midwest plains to the majestic Rocky Mountains, the stark southwest desert to the busy streets of Memphis, West of Her is a film for anyone who's ever longed for adventure, romance, and a life of meaning.

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